“Effects of Negative People on Your Life and How to Deal With it”

“Effects of Negative People on Your Life and How to Deal With it”

 Negative People

Effect of negative people on your life

1.              Thinking Process

                                                                     All of your life actions depends on your thinking process, and on your mental state if it they are in negative direction your whole life will be in negative direction. Being around negative people will make you feel negative all the time.

2.              Negative Thoughts
                                                                          They dominate over your thoughts with their negativity and drain all of your positive energy and make you to feel trapped and overwhelmed. They love bringing others down every time and it sometimes seem like that’s the only thing they enjoy doing.

3.              Time Killers
                                                     Negative people are your biggest enemies in life .They are the ones who waste your time. They are with you –even when you are not with them, and live inside your mind and don’t allow you to think about meaningful things of life.

Time Killers

4.              Demotivation
                                                       They lose your motivation which is the most important factor of your life to achieve your dreams. They don’t have their own ideas and will always spread negativity in others people ideas .They may be your best friends and may be good with you but in actually their pessimistic thinking can affect your thinking. Being around negative people for long periods of time can turn you into a pessimistic negative thinker. Therefore, whenever in your life when you deal with such folk, take time afterward to recharge your emotional batteries.

5.              Criticism
                                               Negative people always criticize everyone and everything around them and they don’t believe on hard work they always create reason for their failures instead of finding the solution and they drain enthusiasm from every new idea.


6.              Focus

                                      They always focuses on the negative side of story and trapped your focus toward negativity, they always talk about people failures instead of people successes. Being around such people destroy your credibility, others people judge you by people that you associate with.

How to deal with negative people

1.              Take control of your life
                                                                                         One of the most powerful secret reveal by William Ernest Henley (1849–1903) in his famous poem "Invictus",
 He reveal,
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul
                                         William Ernest Henley

He found within himself the power, the truth, the soulful secret that we all are born to run our life by our own rules and don’t ever allow anyone to take control of your life. Don't let a negative person cause you to doubt your intelligence or undermine your desire to pursue your dreams.

Take Control of your life 

We all are born to write each and every line on the book of our destiny by our own beliefs by our own actions, never allow anyone to write a single word on the book of your destiny.

2.              Learn to Avoid
                                                              You have to keep in mind you are not the only one who face negative people in your life. Don't let them catch you in their web of negativity because as soon as you do, that’s when they start draining your energy.The best thing you can do is to avoid them. Try to avoid any type of discussion with them. Don’t fight with them, it will only waste your precious meaningful time of your beautiful life 

3.              Daily Habit
                                                     There are some fundamental psychological facts that can affect your entire life if you fully aware of it. If you practice it daily basis it will definitely change your life
They are,

What you see you become
What you think you become
What you read you become
Where you are you become

When you look at optimistic people you will feel optimistic they motivate you by their talks and actions .Attached yourself with such people. Read about those people about their daily habits their achievements it will definitely motivate you and will make you a persistence person. Being around with great people will make you feel like them.

4.              Be Positive
                                                    Always look at the positive side of the story , you need to practice it , Whenever the negative tirade starts just keep yourself calm and smile and don’t say anything to anyone. Some negative people are simply seeking to get a reaction from you. That’s what they feed on. Give sometime to yourself and sit in the open pleasant environment close your eyes, imagine some past best memories and positive aspects of life.

Be positive

5.              Be Shine
                                            Always look at yourself first before look at others, and think how you can bring positive change in side yourself,

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
Affirm your positivity by doing nice things for every person around you on every occasion. Don’t expect massive changes overnight. The only person you have control over is you, so focus on your happiness. Rise above and remain positive.


Let me give you simple but powerful secrete.....which may be you know already.....but actually are not aware of it....... 

"Just ignore negative people ".

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